Enjoy Delicious and Healthy Snacks With Vegan Tofu Salads

The vegan tofu salad is probably as if a gift sent from heaven to all those who are health conscious and vegetarians. It is a good way to enjoy something so good without having to worry about calorie content and the like. The salad is made up of very healthy and nutritious ingredients that you would surely want them to be a part of your every meal and snack.

Vegan Tofu Salads

From its name, the vegan tofu salad is made up mostly of tofu. Tofu or bean curd comes up when soy milk is coagulated. The curds are then pressed together and made into tofu.
Tofu has been reported to have many health benefits so you would definitely want to know how to make your own vegan tofu salad. According to health experts, tofu has high protein content and has very little fat content. The Food and Drug Administration has mentioned that when a person takes in at least 25 grams of soy protein each day and accompanied with a low saturated fat and cholesterol diet, it can greatly reduce risks of having heart diseases.
To make the salad, you can use various recipes. They usually vary when it comes to the ingredients that are placed in but, of course, tofu is always present in the recipe.

One recipe on vegan tofu salad you can use, for example just requires you to mash up its ingredients right away. This would include a tablespoon of brown mustard, specifically one that is spicy, two tablespoons of chopped pickles, a tablespoon diced red onion, some salt, pepper and cumin and two tablespoons of veganaisse. Once you have mixed and you have mashed all the ingredients for your salad, you can place them on top of toasted bread and place a slice or two of tomatoes. Now, you can enjoy a healthy sandwich with your salad!

Another variation to the vegan tofu salad is to mash mayonnaise (as mentioned in the earlier recipe, a veganaisse version may be preferred for vegetarians), sweet relish, stalk celery, lemon juice, onion and garlic powder and mustard. Just the same as the earlier mentioned recipe, all ingredients are mixed together. You can also garnish the vegan tofu salad with paprika, if you wish. You can make it a part of your healthy sandwich snack and you can top it with other vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes, too.

No matter how you want to enjoy your vegan tofu salad, you can always be assured that you stay healthy and fit with your snacks. No meat is included in the recipe for the salad, so you do not have something to stay away from it. Instead, you can enjoy many slices of your sandwich that has the vegan tofu salad so that you can enjoy all the health benefits brought about by its ingredients, especially tofu.

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Using a Spiralizer to Make Vegan Alfredo Pasta

Did you know you could use a spiralizer to make a healthy version of traditional pasta Alfredo? Are you a Vegan or a health conscious individual who used to love a good creamy Alfredo pasta sauce, but had to give it up? Many Vegans love creamy cheese pasta sauces such as a traditional Alfredo sauce and in this article I’m going to show you how to use a spiralizer and make a Vegan Alfredo sauce.

Vegan Alfredo Pasta

To make a healthier version of pasta Alfredo you’ll need a blender and a tool called a spiralizer and a dose of creativity. The spiralizer you can find online or in some kitchen specialty stores, it is sometimes called a spiral slicer. Use the spiralizer according to it’s instructions with some peeled medium sized zucchini on either the thin or thick setting. If you don’t have a specialized tool you can use a simple vegetable peeler and peel the zucchini to make noodles.

You can eat the zucchini noodles raw or gently steam or saute them with some olive oil. If zucchini pasta isn’t your thing, you can use kelp noodles, buckwheat, or quinoa noodles as a healthy substitute to gluten filled white pasta. Now for the sauce. To make the Vegan Alfredo you will need some white nuts such as raw macadamia nuts or pine nuts. In a pinch, cashews or blanched and peeled almonds will do.

Vegan Alfredo Sauce
1 cup macadamia or pine nuts
1 cup coconut water (or 1 cup water + a pinch of stevia or other sweetener)
3 tablespoons raw tahini butter
2 teaspoons white or chickpea miso
juice from 1 lemon
1 tablespoon nutritional yeast
1 clove garlic
pinch nutmeg
salt and pepper to taste
Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender. You can pour the sauce directly over the zucchini noodles or warm it up a bit in a pot. No cooking is necessary.
Hope you enjoyed this recipe! For more healthy recipes and resources for Vegans please check out the links below:

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Great Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight

We all know that cardio workouts are an excellent way to burn fat. But some people do hours of cardio each week and seem to stay the same. They don’t lose an inch. Why does this happen and how can you stop it from happening to you?
There are 2 main reasons why people do a lot of cardio yet don’t lose weight:

Lose Weight

1. They do the wrong cardio workouts. There are great cardio workouts to lose weight and there are others which are not so good. You need to choose the right ones.
2. They do long duration, same paced cardio.
Let’s start with the second reason and see what we can do. The biggest mistake people make is that the main thing about cardio is to do it for as long as possible. To be able to stick to doing cardio for 60-90 minutes they do it at a slow-medium pace. Otherwise, you just can do cardio for so long. But this is a mistake. They’re not pushing your body to any real effort. You’re just wasting time and burning very little fat.
The key is to do intensive cardio. If you can’t handle high intensity workouts for more than a minute or 2, then do it in intervals: 1 minute of high intensity followed by a slower 1 minute and so on.

Great cardio workouts to lose fat
Some cardiovascular workouts are just easier to burn fat with since they are naturally more intensive. These include the following:
1. Running – my personal favorite and a great all body workout.
2. Jumping rope – The ultimate in-house fat burning cardio exercise.
3. Hiking – great for toning your lower body and to make a trip out of your workouts.
4. Rowing – excellent to develop upper body strength. Tremendous fat burning exercise.
You can also play a whole range of sports. Ball games, dance classes, kick-boxing and martial arts workouts are an excellent way to do some cardio which is interesting and fun. The key is, as always, make it intensive.

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Cardio to Burn Fat – Secrets of the Fast Fat Burning Workout

Using a cardio to lose weight can be a very difficult thing to do. The common thought with most people is that doing cardio to lose fat is the quickest way to burn fat there is. Unfortunately, using cardio to burn fat can actually slow your results if you don’t do it right!

Cardio to Burn Fat

The most common method of using cardio to lose inches is called “steady state” training. This involves going at the same speed for long periods of time. This type of cardio workout is the most common thing that I see at most health clubs that I have been through.

A lot of the people who use the steady state cardio training method rarely lose any fat unless they are on a very restricted diet. The reason that steady state training is not the method all comes to back your metabolism.
As you probably already know, your metabolism is how your body burns calories. The higher your metabolism, the more fat you will burn. The best ways to increase metabolism through exercise are to add muscle mass or use high intensity intervals while doing cardio. Steady state cardio might burn a few calories while you do it, but has very little effect on your metabolism!

Not only that, but your body adapts very quickly to steady state cardio training, which can make it difficult to burn fat using this method. The first time you get on a treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike, etc., it feels very exerting by just doing a little work. But as you progress your body adapts more and more. It gets to the point that your body is so adapted to the same steady state workout that you have go to longer and harder to keep challenging it!

The Cardio Solution
As you can see, doing steady state cardio to burn fat is not the best option. If you want to burn fat with cardio, a great alternative to steady state is called Interval Training. Interval training is different than steady state cardio because it will play a huge role in burn calories and most importantly, increasing your metabolism.

Interval training is a great way to make progress because it involves alternating back and forth between high and low intensities.

Here is how to burn fat with an interval training cardio workout…
Use a stationary or recumbent bike if you are a beginner.

  1. Start out by warming up for 5 minutes.
  2. Then, increase the pace slightly and the resistance for the next 2 minutes.
  3. Then, go very fast for 30 secs – 1 minute – almost as hard as you can.
  4. Repeat the 2 minutes slow – 1 minute fast interval 3-6 times.
  5. End by cooling down for 5 minutes.

If you try doing this type of cardio workout to burn fat, you will see how much better it is than steady state cardio. By using interval training as a cardio method to burn fat, you will see how the changes in intensity every minute or two really makes the whole workout go much faster. Like I mentioned before, the best part about using interval training as a cardio workout to burn fat is that it will rev up your metabolism for optimal fat loss!

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How Cardio, The Right Cardio, Can Help You Lose Weight

Do you hate spending time on the cardio machines, like a little mouse on its exercise wheel? Things like the treadmill, bike, rower, stepper or trainers. Have you ever been to the gym and watch as people will spend at least an hour on these machines watching TV or listening to their music. Well I hate this type of cardio, it’s boring and takes up too much time. I have better things to do with my time than spend an hour on an exercise machine while watching TV.


Do you know what the key is? Good cardio that is the key. Our bodies are designed to perform at bursts followed by recovery. What does this mean? This is about varying your workout to go fast and hard then recover for a period 1.5 times your exertion then follow that again and again.

Now to go further into this you need to first understand why endurance cardio is bad for your body. If you spend time on the lets say treadmill and do 60 minutes 5-7 times a week you are actually doing your body harm. Scientists have done studies to reveal that endurance cardio increases free radical production in the body, can degenerate joints, causes muscle wasting, reduces your immune system function and can even cause inflammatory responses in the body that can lead to chronic diseases. This type of cardio also only trains the heart at one heart rate range and doesn’t train it to respond to every day stressors.

Where as good cardio or High Intensity Training (HIT) or even interval training as some people might have heard it called in linked to increasing anti-oxidant production, an increase in metabolic rate which can help you burn unwanted fat and even encourage a healthy cardiovascular system. HIT cardio teacher the heart to respond to and recover quickly from the variety of demands meaning your ready to take on what you need and when you need it. By creating a variable aspect to your training you train your heart to recover in between burst of exertion and this allowing your heart and body to respond better to your everyday stressors.

The best thing about HIT type of cardio training is the fact that you do more in a lot less time, you reduce body fat, bring out superior muscular definition. Just think of weight training that is about short burst of exertion followed by longer recovery periods.

So next time you want to do some cardio and have 30 minutes to spare then try this instead of spending an hour on the treadmill or bike you will do twice the workout in half the time and then you can move on to better things like spending time with your family.

Next time you go to the gym or use your home cardio equipment try this:
Treadmill Warm up for 4 minutes at an easy pace say 6kph then run for a minute at say 8-10kph, then walk at 6kph for 1.5 minutes, then run for a minute at 10-12kph and then back to 6kph for another rest period of 1.5 minutes. Do this about 4-5 times depending on your time and then cool down at about 4-6kph for 4 minutes. This should take you 28 minutes in total.

I actually do this on my exercise bike every night at home while my wife also does her stepping. You can do this on a rower or what ever you like just change the intensity to suit your requirements.
This is what I do on my exercise bike at home each night. Warm up 2-4 minutes, 1 minute on the hardest resistance doing around 35kph, then slow and steady on an easier resistance at 25kph for 1.5 minutes and I do this pattern about 8-10 times depending on how I feel then cool down for 4-5 minutes on really easy at about 25kph to finish off.

When I go to the gym I use the rower and go flat out for 30 seconds – 1 minute and then rest for 45 seconds -1.5 minutes I do this for between 15-20 minutes and that is it. I am normally warmed up after about 5 minutes of skipping as I love skipping so I do a lot of it.

So there you have it the truth about bad cardio or hamster training as I call it and good interval or HIT cardio, it’s quicker, works better, trains your heart to deal with life better, takes less time, better for your body than endurance or long and boring training and you get to leave the gym earlier than everyone else.
SO next time your thinking of cardio think about HIT or interval training and give it a go, you will love it and love the extra time you have to do other things. Come on you can’t tell me you love spending hours on the cardio machines watching boring TV, after all you can live your life or watch someone else live theirs.
Thanks for reading.

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