Easy Vegan Recipes For Vegetable Side Dishes on Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick Day is just around the corner so why not take a healthful approach to what you serve with these easy vegan recipes for vegetable side dishes. Celebrating with holiday parties is fun and since there will be plenty of green beer to sip on make sure to include some fresh healthful food for your event.
It’s easy and cool to offer shot glasses filled with celery or asparagus soup. Asparagus soup is one of the many easy vegan recipes that you can do the night before and then after work, simply take the soup out of the fridge, fill your shot glasses and serve on Saint Patrick Day.

Vegan Recipes

How about green olive tapenade on a toasted sourdough baguette? For holiday parties on Saint Patrick Day this dip can be made a few days in advance and again, just pull it out of the fridge prior to guest arrival and serve either already topped on the baguette or as one of your vegetable side dishes. (Recipe for olive tapenade can be found on page 83 in Budget Bash.)

Other vegetable side dishes your friends would enjoy on Saint Patrick Day are a cucumber salad with balsamic vinaigrette, Waldorf salad, fennel and mint salad or a cucumber and seaweed salad.
Of course, keeping it vegan and real let’s not forget a bowl of edaname either cold or warm with or without salt. All of these easy vegan recipes mentioned for your holiday parties won’t take much time and some can be made well in advanced, refrigerated overnight and then quickly transferred into fun and simple serving dishes as vegetable side dishes.

Roasted Asparagus Soup Recipe
2 1/2 lbs. thin asparagus, trimmed & cut into 2″ pieces
2 leaks, white & light green parts only, cleaned and finely chopped
2 T. Olive Oil
salt & pepper to taste
2 1/2 C. vegetable broth
Chives for garnish
Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. In a heavy roasting pan, combine asparagus, leeks, olive oil, slat and pepper. Mix to combine.
Roast, stirring occasionally, for 30 to 35 minutes or until leeks are golden brown & asparagus are tender.
Transfer the vegetables to a blender and add the broth. Process until completely pureed, taste to adjust seasonings.

Pour soup into shot glasses & garnish with chives if desired.
Waldorf Salad Recipe
3-4 Granny Smith Apples
2 Celery stalks, thinly sliced
4 oz. walnut pieces or pecans chopped
Mixed greens if desired
French vinaigrette dressing
Cut a few slices of apple with the skin on for decoration and then peel and core the rest of the apple and cut into thin strips. Toss the apple slices in lemon juice to prevent apples from turning brown.
Add the chopped celery, apple slices, nuts and mixed greens and toss with French vinaigrette.

French Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe
2 tbs. Dijon mustard
2 tbs champagne vinegar
6 tbs. extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
Mix ingredients in a cruet and serve with salad.
I hope you found these easy vegan recipes for vegetable side dishes fun to make for your holiday parties on Saint Patrick Day. Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, delicious, stylish, fun and economical to all!

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How the Higher Mind Can Create Healing Miracles

When I was sixteen, I saw a flyer at a bus stop. It said, “Did You Know That the Mind Can Heal?” I picked up the flyer and took it home, and I distinctly remember my feeling of awe. I knew that this was something I wanted to dive into and discover its secrets.


Years later, I found a book called The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing. Now out of print, the book was about a woman named Evelyn Monahan who healed herself of blindness and a paralyzed right arm. She developed a technique called “The Metaphysical Healing Technique” that has stayed with me for many years, and I’ll tell you more about it as you read on.

When you reach your higher mind or assist others to reach theirs, possibilities open beyond anything you’ve ever been able to accomplish before. This higher mind is infinite and contains no limits. You can reach it through awareness or prayer or sheer intention. You make a profound healing connection, and you open to the healing power.

Over the years, I’ve adapted Evelyn Monahan’s healing technique, and here’s what my current version looks like:

* Find a quiet place to be, and close your eyes. Take in three deep breaths and be aware that you’re breathing in great energy.
* Say to yourself:
“With the wisdom of my higher self and the power of my healing mind, I am healing myself now. All the cells of my body and all the powers of my mind are healing me now.”
* Then you state what you’re healing, staying as positive in your language as possible.
* Next you imagine in as much detail as possible the healed state of whatever you’d like to heal.
* You may want to imagine healing light beaming on you and streaming from you.
* Then you imagine yourself visiting a healing practitioner or a doctor who says to you:

“I don’t know what you’ve been doing. It must be some kind of miracle. You’re completely healed!” * After this, you may want to give thanks in advance for the wondrous healing you’ve experienced.
Everything is possible, and you can remain in a consciousness of healing. Do this two or three times a day. Five minutes each time may be all you need.

How it Helped Bob with Cancer
A number of years ago, I worked with Bob who had an inoperable cancerous tumor in his right lung. First he healed his anger and frustration and adopted a greater healing attitude. He wanted to understand mental healing and be in touch with his spirit. With the healing technique, he imagined the healing process of his cancer with the white cells carrying away the cancerous cells, and then he imagined the growth shrinking. Next he envisioned his doctor telling him it was a miracle that he was now healed.

He spoke to the consciousness of his cells, saying, “Complete healing is happening in all my cells. You are all working in perfect harmony now.” Next Bob imagined a pool of healing water, and as he waded in, the water washed away anything he didn’t need in his body and brought him new life. He imagined himself holding his great grandchildren, feeling joyful, full of faith and life. He put his thumb together with his index finger, saying, “I am healing myself now.”
This approach, together with nutrition and other healing tools, gave Bob many years more of his life. He had also shifted his attitudes and connected with his spirit.

The Principles Involved
* The first principle is, of course, prayer and making the connection with this powerful state of consciousness.
* The next is direct suggestion. You make a strong suggestion that “with the wisdom of your higher self and the power of your healing mind, you are healing yourself now.” This is an appeal to the highest parts of your being to activate and perfect the process of healing.
* Next is visualization, the great healing technique that impresses on every part of you that great possibilities exist. As you visualize, you create a healing state of vibration in your body and mind.
* Another principle is called trance rehearsal, rehearsing the healing practitioner or doctor’s amazement at the power of the healing that’s taking place in you.
* Gratitude in advance is a healing secret that works its own wonders.

The Power of Spiritual Mind Healing
You can also do this for your own self. Miracles may take place soon – or it may take a while. Divine timing has its own schedule. You have resources in your spirit to transform life at its core by making this connection. With the wisdom of your higher self and the power of your healing mind, you can create shifts in consciousness that profoundly alter the course of your life.

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How to Make Crockpot Soup Recipes Using Chicken

There are a lot of different ways to prepare chicken, including frying, sauteing, steaming, grilling, poaching and more. Chicken can also be cooked in a crockpot and since you need to add liquid to crockpot recipes because of the long, slow cooking time, this makes crockpot soup recipes a great idea.

Meat cooks well in a crockpot. Not only does it slowly tenderize over a period of hours but the flavor of slow cooked meat is incredible. It will soak up the flavors of all the other ingredients you use to make the crockpot soup recipe.

Cooking Chicken in a Crockpot
The best thing to do when making a chicken soup recipe is to chop the chicken into smaller pieces and brown it in a skillet in some butter or oil before adding it to the crockpot. Not every recipe for crockpot chicken soup will tell you to do this of course but sealing the chicken in this way helps to lock in the juices and it also gives the chicken an attractive golden brown color.

There are also plenty of recipes for chicken soup in a crockpot where you simply add every ingredient to the crockpot, give the mixture a good stir and leave it alone for ten hours. Recipes like these are fantastic when you have a busy day and you are not sure what time exactly you will be home.

Some of the more modern crockpots have a “keep warm” setting which is very handy. If you are more than an hour late your soup will stop cooking and keep itself nice and warm for you.

Crockpot Lamb Soup Recipe
Just to prove that chicken is not the only meat you can use to make delicious crockpot soup recipes, here is a wonderfully easy recipe for slow cooked lamb soup. The flavor of this soup is amazing.
This soup takes all day to cook in the crockpot so it is the perfect meal if you plan to be out working all day and you want to get home to a house that smells incredible and a meal which is all ready to serve. This recipe serves eight people but you can halve it if you want.
You will need:

  • 1 1/2 lbs sliced lamb
  • 3 sliced carrots
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 8 whole peppercorns
  • 2 halved and sliced leeks
  • 1 package French onion soup mix
  • 1 sliced red onion
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh dill
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons dry gravy mix
  • 3 sliced celery stalks
  • 1 lb can chopped tomatoes
  • 3 pints vegetable bouillon

How to make it:Sprinkle salt and pepper over the lamb, then brown it all over in a skillet in the oil, cooking it in batches. Add everything to the crockpot except the dill and stir well. Cook on low for eight to ten hours. Add the dill, switch off the crockpot and stir and leave the lamb soup to rest for ten minutes. Stir it once more then serve hot.

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Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts can be great for fat burning, as a matter of fact they are essential for fat burning but the way you’re doing them is all screwed up. For starters, everyone seems to be missing the boat on what cardio really is. It’s not a method to burn more fat or get tighter abs, rather it’s a method to increase your metabolism and allow your body to better use the calories that you are eating. As a matter of fact, for fat burning cardio workouts to truly be effective you must actually eat more.
 Fat Burning Cardio

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear people talking about how they are training harder, doing more cardio, eating less but still not getting any fat burning effects. Lets think about this for a second. Most everyone agrees that you should eat a meal after you workout right? Most people don’t even think this way they actually have no choice but to go home and eat after a hard workout. What if we did two workouts in one day or better yet two workouts back to back? Shouldn’t we go and eat more?
Well that’s what happens when we work out then go do our cardio workouts. Cardio is just a means to eat more calories and that should come as a very interesting piece of news to anyone who has been dieting with no gains and wants more out of their fat burning cardio workouts. Here’s why
-After dieting for a few weeks our body responds by holding onto our fat. It’s a means of survival. Our metabolism slows down and that isn’t good for losing fat.

-Now our calories have been decreased even further since we are trying to burn fat but can’t figure out why. We respond by increasing our cardio or the length of our weight training sessions.
-We continue to struggle dropping fat and add more cardio time.

Does this sound like something you’ve experienced? Well you are not alone since this is the most common thing that you will see with people who have trouble with their fat burning cardio workouts. So now what do you do from here? Please don’t get frustrated or you’ll end up saying that you tried but couldn’t get that flat stomach.

In The Physique Formula I talk about exactly why you have those stubborn areas of bodyfat but it’s important to understand that the best thing you can do is consume more calories.
If you want to enhance your fat burning cardio workouts you should
-Eat more healthy fat since our body will hold onto fat any chance it gets.
-Add some more carbs into your diet in the forms of fruits and vegetables. They’ll give you more energy to increase the intensity of your fat burning cardio workouts.

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Cardio For Weight Loss is Overrated

Every day on my way to my training studio, I drive by a couple commercial gyms. They’re pretty typical of most gyms in that they’ve got all the cardio machines lining their front windows.
There are countless rows of treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, etc. and most of them have little flat screen television attached to them so the people can do cardio for hours and not miss any of their favorite shows.

Cardio For Weight Loss

I shake my head in awe every time I drive by those gyms.
Because cardio is the most overrated aspect of weight loss.
Don’t get me wrong; cardio has some merit, especially when talking about general fitness and heart health. But as a means of weight loss it is very, very overrated.

I lost track at the number of people I’ve trained or consulted with who have been so frustrated because they spend upwards of an hour doing cardio every day and they’re stuck. They don’t lose any weight, and some even gain weight.
Don’t feel bad if you’re one of them because you’re not alone. You’ve had the “cardio for weight loss” mantra shoved into your skull for years and it’s largely a lie.

Let’s go over some of the reasons cardio for weight loss is overrated.
You know that “fat burning zone” that a lot of cardio machines have stuck to them? It’s that magical zone where your body starts to burn nothing but fat. At least that’s what you’ve been told over the years.
There’s no such thing as a magical “fat burning zone”. Your body doesn’t magically flip a switch in this heart rate zone and start burning nothing but fat.

Progressing from the “fat burning zone” is the old mantra of “Do it for 20 minutes before you start burning fat.” That’s just ridiculous because you’re always burning fat no matter if you’re sitting on your butt in front of the TV or running a marathon.

Another old lie about cardio for weight loss is that more has to be better.
No it doesn’t. I don’t know why people have it in their heads that they have to workout for hours on end and punish themselves in order to lose fat. It’s just not the case. I don’t know if people have some sort of torture mindset or punishment mindset that if they screw up with their diet, or have weight to lose that they have to punish themselves with an hour on the treadmill, but it’s just not true.

Where’d this idea come from? I don’t know for sure, but it probably came out of the aerobics craze of the 80’s and thankfully it’s starting to die out.

The truth of the matter is that cardio is very overrated. You can, and will, get amazing results by decreasing your cardio, increasing the intensity and spending more time with resistance training (the way I teach it in my 10-minute workouts).

You’ll lose more fat; have more energy and free time. You’ll be stronger and leaner and just feel a hell of a lot better than if you spend all your exercise time doing cardio.

To learn the truth about how all busy moms and dads should exercise and eat to lose weight and get a

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